Here's How the Lush Title Sequence For Steven Universe: The Movie Came Together

The book of Steven.
The book of Steven.
Image: Cartoon Network

Have you heard the tale of Steven....’s opening credits sequence? The beautiful intro to the Steven Universe movie is a perfect scene-setter for the self-consciously theatrical film. A curtain opening, a storybook, a song straight out of a classic musical. It’s great stuff.


And it took a good deal of effort to put together. In a behind-the-scenes video from Cartoon Network, we can see just how it came together. Created by Chromosphere, the video—a very literal behind-the-curtain presentation—playfully demonstrates the layers of creation that went into the opening’s most iconic images, from the designs behind the opening curtain to the layers that went into creating Steven’s book.

The video is a cheeky, playful exploration of the animation tricks that went into the opening, featuring some Looney Tunes-style sound effects and a bit of visual humor. It showcases just how deep every shot of the movie is, and how much effort goes into the most basic animation. We’re lucky to have a story quite this elegant.


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