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Here's How Complicated It Is To Don A Kylo Ren Costume

Illustration for article titled Heres How Complicated It Is To Don A Kylo Ren Costume

Kylo Ren has a pretty neat costume for The Force Awakens, and there’s a lot of costumers out there who are looking to replicate it for their own fun. While it looks simple, the costume is way more intricate than you’d think.


Dawn Bright, SL-13377 of the 501st Legion has been working to construct her own set of robes. She’s since completed her build, and walks you through the steps to put it all on. There’s a bunch of layers to this.

I have a friend of mine who was working to get his version up and running for The Force Awakens, only to run into trouble because of the layers. It’s a lot harder than it looks.


Check out the rest of Dawn’s videos: she’s documented how she’s put together her costume.

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He’s having another wardrobe malfunction....