Here's how awful Batman would be without the existence of Bill Finger

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You might not know the name Bill Finger. He helped Bob Kane create Batman, and when I say "helped" I mean "basically created every aspect of Batman we know while Bob Kane took the credit." Artist Ty Templeton made the above cartoon to show what Batman would be like without Finger's work, and it's decidedly not Bat-tastic.


Finger not only created the Batman costume we're all familiar with, but Robin, the Batmobile, the Batcave, the Joker, most of Batman's best-known villains, and more. But despite doing all the heavy-lifting, Finger never gets any official credit for his work in coming up with pretty much everything but the name of comic's most arguably popular character. (In the comic industry, when someone is screwed out of getting appropriate credit for their work, it's called "getting the Finger.")

Templeton drew the strip in support of author Marc Tyler Nobleman's campaign to have Google honor Finger with a Doodle on February 6th, the 100-year anniversary of his birth. If you basically like any aspect of Batman, it might be worth your time to send an email to to let them know you agree. And if you're on the fence, make sure you read all of Templeton's comic here, to learn exactly how much influence Finger had on the Caped Crusader... thankfully.

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Michael Munro

IMHO Batman owes a great unacknowledged debt to Spring Heeled Jack, who transitioned from London urban myth (1830s) to melodrama anti-hero (1870s) to prototype superhero (1880s-early 1900s).

As written by "penny dreadful" author Alfred Burrage, SHJ was a wealthy aristocrat who assumed the disguise of a devilish, bat-winged avenger of the night, maintained a secret underground lair and used his athletic and technological skills to battle evil-doers - sounds familiar?