Here's How a Bunch of British Spies Wind Up in Kentucky for Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Still from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Fox
Still from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Fox

Unsurprisingly, given that one of the big sets in this movie is a bourbon distillery, there is a lot of drinking going on in the Kingsman sequel. Also, presumably, the classic joke of uptight Brits in suits being given American liquor and being either pleasantly surprised or nearly killed by moonshine.


I don’t really care that much about the tie-in alcohol being hawked in this video as much as I am the few scenes that are brand new. The close up of Eggsy (Taron Egerton) in the more-hilarious-every-time-I-see-it western puffer. The fact that all of this—the Kentucky location, the bourbon—seems to be because Kentucky is a more fun place to put a film than Kansas, and they needed a state that started with a K so they could put the Kingsman circle around it. (Hence the title.(

This short ad gives us a hint of how Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) figure out where to go after their HQ explodes: an emergency liquor supply that tells them where to go for help.

It makes sense, since we already know that alcohol is a part of the Kingsman ritual for dealing with a death. For a whole bunch of deaths, another special bottle.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out September 22.

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So did they decided they needed an alcoholic tie-in immediately after the last movie came out, or is this some of their usual bourbon under a new label?

‘Cause straight bourbon requires a minimum of two years to age.