​Here's A Spider So Awful You'll Wish It Would Only Bite You To Death

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The hackled orb weaver has no fangs. If you're its prey, that might sound like good news. It's not. It means that it will kill you in an even more excruciating way than spiders normally do.


The hackled orb weaver spider doesn't actually have any penetrating teeth, apparently because that gets the delicious business of killing over with too quickly. Instead of paralyzing and liquifying its victims, the orb weaver chooses to do its own personal riff on the Saw movies — it wraps the victim in its silk.

Buried alive, you say? That sounds rather nasty, you say? You know nothing. Because once the orb weaver has its victim surrounded in silk, it keeps going. More and more it wraps. Tighter and tighter it wraps. A single moth gets 460 feet of silk put into its death. How does it finally die? Well, after the spider has broken the insects' legs and wings to prevent any chance of escape, it concentrates on the head — eventually it wraps its prey so tight that the insects' own eyes get forced down into its head, killing it.


That's right, this spider wraps things so tightly that it kills them with their own inward-exploding-eyeballs.

Sleep well.

Image: G Gallice.

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Alan Dean Foster

But not as intimidating as this guy, who I wish somebody could identify for me (Mikongo bush camp, central Gabon).