Here's a Ska Cover of Scooby-Doo's Hex Girls, and I'm Not Sorry

They’re gonna put a spell on you.
They’re gonna put a spell on you.
Image: Warner Bros.

The Hex Girls are one of the best things about the various iterations of Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang. First appearing in a late ‘90s iteration of the show, they’re a cool punk girl band that ties into the franchise’s lowkey love of music, hippies, and outsider weirdness. And what’s more is their tunes are infectious; each time they grace the animated screen, it’s a gothic joy.


So with that, I present, without any shame, a wonderful ska cover of some Hex Girls music. Performing their iconic song from the initial appearance of the Hex Girls (I think, anyway? It’s been a while), Ska Tune Network and his guest vocalist Court absolutely kill it, rollicking horns and moody energy making the Hex Girls’ anthem, well, hypnotic. I’m entranced.

Ska is controversial, I know, but Ska Tune Network, who’s been producing incredible ska covers for a long time now, as well as playing shows with the likes of Rebecca Sugar and the Steven Universe cast, does it so so well. It’s all just pitch perfect, and if you let it, this cover is bound to put a spell on you. 

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