Here's a New and (Slightly) Improved Trailer for Max Steel

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You wait three years for news about a movie, and then two trailers come along at once. But yes, if you still needed convincing that Mattel is, in fact, still turning Max Steel into a live-action movie, here’s a new, entirely-in-English trailer.

It was only last week that we actually got to see our first look at the long-in-gestation film, based on Mattel’s own animated reboot of its ’90s Max Steel toy line, which turned the action-spy figure into a Tron-esque teen superhero, with a trailer cut for international audiences that honestly wasn’t all that great. But now, Yahoo’s got a new, extended trailer for the film that you can check out below.


It’s still not all that interesting looking, but it fleshes out the characters and arc of the film a bit more clearly than the previous one did—even if that arc is more than a little predictable. But still, after all the fits-and-starts this movie went though in the process of coming to the big screen, it’s weird to finally be seeing bits of it in action, annoying sidekick robot and all.

Max Steel hits theaters October 21st.

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I gotta say, Annoying Sidekick Robot is indeed pretty annoying.