The first collaboration between Bad Robotā€™s J.J. Abrams, author Stephen King, and Hulu yielded 11.22.63, an eight-episode time-travel drama about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Next up, apparently: a project called Castle Rock that looks squarely aimed at fans of Kingā€™s classic best-sellers.

Bad Robot posted a YouTube link scribbled on Abramsā€™ stationery, with a very cryptic message attached:


Hoax? Forest? Hmmmm. Deadline confirms Castle Rock will be another ā€œlimited seriesā€ for Hulu in the vein of 11.22.63, this time based on Kingā€™s short stories, and adds that it will be written and executive produced by Sam Shaw (Manhattan).

The Hollywood Reporter further added that the show will follow an anthology format, and ā€œwill weave together characters and themes from those novels that use the Castle Rock location.ā€ Subsequent seasons would then follow a different set of characters and storylines, but would also link back to seasons that came before.

We donā€™t know much else about what to expect (or when), but this enigmatic teaser offers a solid reminder of how much of Kingā€™s writing has become a huge part of pop cultureā€”not just in the horror genre.

Castle Rock, of course, is the fictional town in Maine thatā€™s been a part of King-ology since 1979's The Dead Zone; itā€™s where works like Cujo and Needful Things take place, and is mentioned in passing even more frequently, as in the King short-story adaptation that became Stand by Me. And, obviously, itā€™s in the same geographical region as places like Derry, where the sewers are home to Itā€™s Pennywise.


The tone of this Castle Rock teaser certainly suggests something spooky will follow. Weā€™ll be keeping a close eye out for more to come from Abrams and company.