If you haven’t had a chance to check out Netflix’s reboot of the campy ‘60s scifi classic, Lost in Space, you might want to avoid this spoiler-packed look at some of the new series’ visual effects. But this behind-the-scenes is a great example of how far VFX has come—and how a low-budget scifi show doesn’t necessarily have to look like a cheesy B-movie.


That’s not to say Netflix hasn’t poured millions of dollars into its version of Lost in Space, but it’s doubtful the company has spent as much money on post-production as, say, Disney has for its Star Wars sequels. However, Image Engine proves you can still do a lot with a TV-sized budget, including the use of extensive digital set extensions to help turn Earth-based shooting locales into convincing alien worlds, and making a robot sidekick that doesn’t look like someone glued old radio parts to a trash can.


[Vimeo via Art of VFX]

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