Here's a Gorgeous Game of Thrones Kashmiri Fan Video to Tide You Over a Bit Longer

“Winter is coming...and so is my beard.”
“Winter is coming...and so is my beard.”
Screenshot: Master Visuals (YouTube)

Many of us in the colder parts of the world might be eager for spring to arrive, but I know plenty of Game of Thrones fans who are also begging for winter to finally come, dammit! The final season of Game of Thrones is still about a year away, but that hasn’t stopped me from poring over the fan tributes. And this latest one is something special.


Master Visuals Studio has released a Game of Thrones fan music video called The Cure. It tells an original story about (presumably) Jon Snow visiting a place called Stark’s Waterfall to find a cure for a dying woman. Filmed entirely in Kashmir, the music video is not only a touching tribute to the series, but also a beautiful rendition of the iconic score, performed using Kashmiri instruments. As a bonus, the score blends into a version of “Escape” by Indian composer A R Rahman, originally from Slumdog Millionaire. Thumbs up all around.

As we wait for Game of Thrones to finally come to an end, it’s nice to see people still paying homage to the series that’s beloved around the world. Warms my chilly, chilly New York heart. You can check out the video below.

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OK, I want more of the story they are doing, with the awesome music, and their cast! Please?!

Bravo, nicely done!