Here's A First Look at the Upcoming Stargate Web Series

Image: MGM
Image: MGM

When Stargate: Origins was first announced at Comic-Con this past summer, the news was a little underwhelming. A prequel series? Ten minute episodes? Exclusive to a new proprietary streaming platform? Now we can at least get a look at what’s coming.


It’s still, honestly, a bit underwhelming, but at least it’s there. The teaser, posted by the YouTube channel associated with Stargate command, MGM’s all-Stargate streaming platform, is largely behind-the-scenes footage, showing Catherine Langford and various other cast members on a set that appears to be Abydos, the Egypt-styled planet from the original film, in a location the crew refers to as a “tent city”.

The footage doesn’t exactly stoke hype for a new entry in the Stargate series (what is it with the prequels these days?) but it does have a nice, Indiana Jones in Space vibe that I’m certainly not opposed to.

Judge for yourself, below. Stargate Origins was originally slated to come out this year, though we have no new information to share on that front.

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How about a proper continuation, or atleast final season of Universe? As one of it’s dozen fans, I really want to know what happens..