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Here's a Crap Ton of New Superhero Art Available at New York Comic-Con

Image: Bottleneck
Image: Bottleneck

One of the most exciting things about conventions are the exclusives—and a big event like New York Comic Con has a million of them, from toys to posters and so much more. We’ve already shown you a few pieces of exclusive art, but there’s just so much there, we decided to share even more. This is mostly superhero stuff, but there are a few non-superhero pieces peppered in for your viewing pleasure.


First up, here are some offerings from Grey Matter Art, which is available at booth 3064. Click through our fancy new slideshows.


Next up, here’s some stuff from the Hero Complex Gallery at booth 228.

Finally, here’s some more stuff from Bottleneck Gallery at booth 2160.


Each of those booths has even more stuff, and then there’s an artist alley with many other artists, all with their own offerings. It’s a nice change of pace from the insanity of the rest of the floor.

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Nice to see we can’t have a gallery of 5 art pieces without a damn ad in there.

It’s very IGN of you.