Here's a better look at Alfonso Cuaron's Believe

Coming on the heels of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, we're beyond excited to see him coming to television. Check out a brand new sneak peek, in which we see the mysterious priest, Winter, getting Tate (Jake McLaughlin) out of prison.

Tate's being sprung from prison to protect Bo, a young girl who has fantastic powers, because some bad people believe that whoever controls Bo will control the world.

Cuaron and producer J.J. Abrams were there in person at the Television Critics Association, promoting this show. According to Deadline, Cuaron told the assembled critics that he came up with Believe while directing Gravity: "I had a window, waiting for the endless process of visual effects and I wanted to do something," but there wasn't time to direct another movie. "First of all, I wanted to do something in which people were not floating and from then on everything just came together."


Abrams rejected any comparison to Touch, Tim Kring's ill-fated show about a mute little boy who has strange abilities to see connections using numbers. Believe is "wildly different," said Abrams, who dislikes the habit of comparing a new series to a previous series, either as a cautionary tale or as a benchmark to measure against.

Abrams told the critics that the two much-publicized changes of showrunner were part of a creative process, and all about finding the right fit with the "incredible pilot" they had already filmed. Asked how the show would deal with the often cloying nature of shows about children, Abrams responded, "Cloying is our credo," before adding: "There is a spiritual side of the show — but we are no Touched By An Angel."

And in case you missed it, here's the promo that came out seven months ago:

And the sneak peek that was shown at Comic-Con:



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Darth Tigris

So will people finally start talking about this as a Cuaron show (though even he's not the showrunner) instead of an Abrams show?

You'd think after all of the shows that Bad Robot has produced while Abrams is working on movies that people would catch on that he's NOT running these shows at all, but ... well, internet ...