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Did you ever watch Zathura? Directed by Jon Favreau and based on a story by the author of Jumanji, I’m not sure if Zathura: A Space Adventure ever made its way fully into cult classic status. I remember it having a certain allure around its release, though, with my peers whispering about the “weird scifi Jumanji movie.” Also it had a young Josh Hutcherson and Kristin Stewart in it!

One major part of that movie were the Zorgons, humanoid reptilian aliens who served as major antagonists for the film. In a recently released video celebrating the film, Stan Winston School details how the Stan Winston Studio made the Zorgons out of practical effects and digital effects. Turns out, they were built out of a backbone of animatronic puppetry and dudes in weird lizard suits.

It’s impressive work of a kind not often done anymore, in the age of advanced motion capture. The video is full of footage of people doing lizard stomps in weird costumes, and honestly it’s exactly what I needed this Saturday. Check it out.


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