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Here Is Your All-Female Ghostbusters Cast (Probably)

Illustration for article titled Here Is Your All-Female iGhostbusters/i Cast (Probably)

The cast of the all-female Ghostbusters movie is close to being confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that this will be the cast for Paul Feig's rebooted Ghostbuster franchise: The new team will star, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. That's a lot of Saturday Night Live players along with McCarthy who can certainly hold her own against any sort of comedy shenanigans.


THR continues, saying that "negotiations are ongoing" but the quartet are expected to sign on soon and Variety confirms the early negotiations. It's not official, but it's pretty close. Plus the director is playing coy on Twitter in a way that suggests this rumor is legit.

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I am not thrilled about this, mainly because I don't really find McCarthy funny, and I'm really worried her inclusion in the cast is going to end up being an excuse for the kind of one-note crass, sophomoric humor that's been her most recent movie outings.

Not that parts of the original Ghostbusters weren't crass and sophomoric, but there was some diversity in it.