Here is the end credits tune for The Hobbit that will most likely make you cry

When Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has finished, and the credits begin to roll up the screen, this is the song you will hear (and most likely weep at, out of sheer New Zealand location shot overload). Performed by New Zealander Neil Finn, this is the fancy version of Thorin Oakenshield's tune that you hear him and his fellow dwarves singing in the trailer (which we've included here). It's called "Song of the Lonely Mountain."


To hear the sex-ed up credits version, head over to Rolling Stone, and get excited.

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James Whitbrook

I really like it as a song - I could do without the chanting in places, but apart from that it's really nice - but I'm not sure I really like it as a credits song... for the probably very weird/dumb reason that it doesn't sound like it's of Middle Earth.

Something like Into the West, for example, you could imagine being 'from' that world, not just the context of the words, but the sound of it. This, whilst it has the context of the lyrics, doesn't sound Middle-earthy, and as a credits song that irks me in a odd, OCD way. I'm sure there'll be enough musical awesomeness in The Hobbit that I can get over that stupid concern, anyway!