Here is that Twilight footage of Bella Swan fighting a mountain lion

Illustration for article titled Here is that emTwilight/em footage of Bella Swan fighting a mountain lion
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The Twilight saga is about to climax in a bitter battle between vampire and Volturi in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, but not before Bella fights a mountain lion. This was finally previewed in the latest trailer for the very last Twilight, the series that keeps on giving in the form of terrible CG. This aired last night at the MTV Video Music Awards; Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will open on November 16.

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Can anyone explain to me why you clicked on a story about twilight when YOU DON'T LIKE TWILIGHT! I started reading the books before all the hype happened, and no I make no argument that they are the high art to be put on the same shelf as pride and prejudice (which I have to point out was considered romantic dribble when it was first published, but now because all the characters wear corsets we think it deep). Yes teenage girls and their Moms have been what drives this franchise but what is that a bad thing? Ask people on the street what the number 1 rock bad of the 20th century was and I grantee you the most common answer will be the Beatles. When they first started playing they were dismissed as just a teen thing and as a bad influence. If you could transport back to the 1960's and ask parent if the long haired hippies their kids are listening to would become the cultural defining icon of that decade they would laugh and dismiss you and crazy. I know if make you feel better about your self to bash some thing that other people like but why? No Kristen Stewart wouldn't have been my first choice to play Bella but they didn't ask me or anyone else. I also believe that no actress would have been good enough because everyone who read the books pictured themselves as Bella, so seeing anyone else kiss Edward causes an off feeling. I am a 27 year old woman who is tired of defending her love of this harmless fantasy series, (anyone doing the math I was 20 when the books first came out). Please people get over it.