This week we heard about the news that is rocking the production of Justice League to its very core: Henry Cavillā€™s Mission Impossible-mandated mustache must be digitally edited out of scenes being filmed during reshoots. But, as this delightful video shows, couldnā€™t a movie be improved by extra mustaches?

David Johns took to YouTube to give us the alternate Batman v Superman cut fans have been waiting for since the ā€˜ultimateā€™ version of the film hit shelves: one where every time Henry Cavillā€™s man of steel is on screen, heā€™s got a comedic, Poirot-esque mustache. Hell, heā€™s not even the only member of the DC trinity to get the ā€˜tache treatment, and itā€™s delightful:

As many of you noted in the comments yesterday, itā€™d be amazing if the Justice League home release came with BTS versions of scenes where Cavillā€™s mustache hadnā€™t been edited out. If it looked anything like this video above, honestly itā€™d be one of the best special features for a movie in recent memory.


[via CBR]