Here Is Scientific Proof That Mustaches Could've Made Batman v Superman Better

This week we heard about the news that is rocking the production of Justice League to its very core: Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible-mandated mustache must be digitally edited out of scenes being filmed during reshoots. But, as this delightful video shows, couldn’t a movie be improved by extra mustaches?

David Johns took to YouTube to give us the alternate Batman v Superman cut fans have been waiting for since the ‘ultimate’ version of the film hit shelves: one where every time Henry Cavill’s man of steel is on screen, he’s got a comedic, Poirot-esque mustache. Hell, he’s not even the only member of the DC trinity to get the ‘tache treatment, and it’s delightful:

As many of you noted in the comments yesterday, it’d be amazing if the Justice League home release came with BTS versions of scenes where Cavill’s mustache hadn’t been edited out. If it looked anything like this video above, honestly it’d be one of the best special features for a movie in recent memory.


[via CBR]

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I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Cesar Romero refused to shave his mustache for the old Batman series, so they just smeared white face paint over it. It’s something you really can’t notice in the quality of original broadcast formats, but when you watch it in a remastered format, it’s painfully obvious. It’s also kind of funny that all of the latest artwork that feature him also maintain the painted mustache...which I wonder if that’s something that the Batman 66 license requires.