Xena and Ash Are Joining Forces for a Warrior Princess/Army of Darkness Comic Crossover

Variant cover art by Reilly Brown
Variant cover art by Reilly Brown

Sure, in real life, Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell have already teamed up in the new Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV show. But now their heroic counterparts are uniting in the pages of comic books, for a new series spinning out of their current ongoings at Dynamite Entertainment. Expect lots of glorious undead killing!


The lengthily titled Army of Darkness/Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever... and a Day comes from Scott Lobdell artist Elliot Fernandez, and marks the first time Dynamite has crossed the two franchises over with each other. The book will see Xena and Ash forced to team up after the Warrior Princess encounters the world’s first jilted lover from the Garden of Eden, which (as it tends to, of course) leads to her battling an undead army even she cannot overcome alone, no matter how many times she shrieks her patented battlecry. Enter Ash, who is both an expert at undead killing and romance (well, sort of), who brings his oddball goofiness to Xena’s self-serious heroism as they beat the crap out of some zombies.

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They’ll disagree! They’ll fight before they team up! They’ll make witty banter! It’s a crossover comic, you can expect all of those things. The four-part miniseries begins this October.


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Here is a sneak preview!

Heh this sounds fun and a must pick up. I expect Xena to do her pressure point thing to discourage an annoyingly flirtatious Ash.