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Here in Ship City, We're Working Our Way Back to the Information Age

Illustration for article titled Here in Ship City, Were Working Our Way Back to the Information Age

After the collapse, people started recycling things on an epic scale. They lived inside ship hulls and mined skyscrapers for scrap. A strange new civilization was blooming out of the old, and things were going to be different this time.


Florent Llamas is a student studying video game concept art in France, and his environment and ship work is absolutely breathtaking. Check out more of his illustrations on his blog.

[via Concept Ships]

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Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes:

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.

Ariel, The Tempest, Act I, Scene II, by William Shakespeare