Here comes the Last Son of Krypton. It's all right.

Illustration for article titled Here comes the Last Son of Krypton. Its all right.

This may be one of the greatest Superman covers ever. Frank Quitely does it again with this amazing cover to the Absolute Edition of All Star Superman. [The Source via Comic Book Resources]


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It's nice art, but I'm not a fan of Superman-as-religious-icon-metaphor.

Don't get me wrong: Superman will always have a special place in my heart. But I have issues with the concept of a messiah in general and this guy as messiah in particular.

It's great he saves people. But in this I agree with Luthor: The dependency that develops from having him around weakens the human race. My take on his purpose for being on Earth is to lead us to awesomeness, not act as our crutch. Which I guess is a sort of fine distinction, but I think it's why the character is getting worn out. For all he's supposed to be the prototypical superhero, he's not meant to be a superhero at all.

Switch him up, have him save us on somewhat more abstract terms ("teach him to fish" rather than "give him a fish" terms); I think that'd revitalize the character.

That, and losing the outdated outfit. I mean seriously. They got Bats out of Speedos (at least in the movies), why can't they do the same for Spitcurl, huh?