Here Comes Sharktopus!

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Syfy Channel has just greenlighted the long-awaited Sharktopus movie, to be directed by cult monster auteur Roger Corman. Will the sharktopus look like this concept design by Matt Leach? Sources inside Syfy say it will be way weirder.


Syfy's Karen O'Hara, who is the channel's director of original movies, tweeted Wednesday:

Just got off the phone with the legendary Roger Corman who's doing a new movie for us this year. Yes, it's the long-rumored SHARKTOPUS! . . . Spent half an hour discussing what a sharktopus should look like, how many mouths it should have and how it should kill.


Clearly Corman and O'Hara are designing an awesomely weird version of an already-weird monster. They're not just thinking toothy mouth, but multiple mouths. Speaking as a giant monster fan, that's what I like to hear.

Here is another artist's conception of a sharktopus, which is quite nice but only has one mouth. Serious drawback.

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Also, just in case you need more Sharktopus in your life, you can get a Sharktopus t-shirt from Nature's Mistake ($26) here or get a "beware of Sharktopus" tee from Skreened ($20) here. I'm starting to think that Sharktopus isn't just a kaiju - it's a lifestyle.


Top image by Matt Leach.

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Why multiple mouths? As far as I know, neither of these two animals have more than one mouth.