In less than two weeks, the eyes of the world will turn to the Gaslamp District of San Diego, California where over 100,000 fans will cram into the biggest event in pop culture: San Diego Comic-Con. Over the course of four days, it’s geek nirvana for attendees, as well as people following at home.

If you’re at Comic-Con, figuring out how to spend your time can be incredibly overwhelming. If you’re not there, you may crash your computer obsessively updating to find out what the biggest movie studios, TV channels, toy makers, and yes, even comic book companies, have going on. There’s almost too much going on or to get your head around. The best thing to do is focus and figure out what you want to see or do.


Now that the full schedule is out, I did just that. I pulled out the seven things I’m most excited for as we get closer to Comic-Con. We’ll have more specifics on the schedule soon.

Everything Star Wars

I may be new to io9—but soon you’ll soon realize I’m a Star Wars obsessive. I collect it, I live it, I breathe it, I dream about it. And for San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars has a ton of things going on.


The main event, of course, is Friday’s Hall H panel where J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy are going to “provide a special look” at Star Wars The Force Awakens. If you thought Star Wars Celebration was a big deal, this will be bigger. Comic-Con audiences have been salivating for Star Wars to come back for a decade, and hopefully its return will be triumphant. My guess is we’ll get to see some of the new creatures and bad guys from the film. Plus, there will be Rebels stuff, comic book stuff, and probably toy stuff too. It’s going to take a lot for anything else to outshine Star Wars at this year’s Comic-Con.

Warner Bros.’ DC Comics Movies

If anyone can outshine Star Wars at Comic-Con, it’s Warner Bros. Specifically, Warner Bros.’ DC comic book movies. With perennial Comic-Con champion Marvel Studios absent this year, it opens the door for Warner Bros. to pull the curtain back a bit on their DC movie plans. We know they have a ton of movies coming out over the next few years, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which will be out in March. Odds are they’re going to show footage from that, bring the stars, and potentially bring out some of their new characters and actors—and hopefully, break some major major news. We’ve heard rumors of Green Lantern casting, or news from the announced director of Aquaman... but the possibilities are endless. Comic book movies at Comic-Con are usually some of the biggest things going on, and you don’t get much bigger than DC.


20th Century Fox’s Marvel Movies

One thing that might come close to DC are the Fox Marvel properties like X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool. Though they exist outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox has quietly been crafting its own, very cool world of superheroes. In past years, they’ve had some really good panels at Comic-Con and this year should be their biggest one yet, especially since they’ll be presenting Saturday night in the traditional Marvel spot.


Fantastic Four, the controversial and buzzed about film by Josh Trank, will surely be on display. It opens a month after Comic-Con. Next, there’s the first movie starring one of the most popular superheroes in the world: Deadpool. That’s already done filming, so expect some footage. Director Bryan Singer is also in the middle of production on X-Men Apocalypse, the 6th X-Men movie, so he could also show up with some goodies.

All of this is on the table. Plus there are lots of opportunities for surprises. Those three movies are big enough—but Fox recently hired a Gambit director, the rumors of a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover continue to swirl, The Wolverine 2 is gearing up—and any mention of any of that could make lots of fans very, very happy.


See the Rogue Cut on the big screen

Another Fox event that should be very exciting are screenings of X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut. It’s an extended version of the film with scenes added back in featuring Anna Paquin’s character, Rogue. It hits Blu-ray on July 14, but at Comic-Con Saturday, Fox is screening it for fans on the big screen, which is basically a one-time-only experience.


Another TV Takeover

In the past few years, Comic-Con has been less about the big movies and more about the big TV shows. Fans just seem to have a greater connection to TV because they spend more time getting to know the characters and actors. Because of that, there really isn’t a way to describe the electricity in the room when the cast of something like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead comes out on stage. You can feel the vibrations. The big movie properties might get the headlines, but the love at Comic-Con really comes out for the TV shows. That’ll continue this year, with more and more shows showing off for fans.


Exclusive toys

There’s always crazy stuff on the floor at Comic-Con. One of the most common questions you hear is “What are you in line for?” The answer to that question, more often than not, is some kind of exclusive toy. Lego in particular has become one of the hottest, most sought after exclusives year after year. This year they have a Star Wars set, Marvel set (above) and a DC set. Plus, Hasbro is bringing the first ever toy from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will certainly have plenty of fans and collectors salivating. Speaking of Star Wars, expect more toy reveals too, especially with The Force Awakens toys hitting shelves in September.


More information on Warcraft

Warcraft, one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. will be back at Comic Con this year for the third time. The first year, it was just a tease. Last year, there was some footage. And this year, director Duncan Jones will hopefully have even more to show for the adaptation he’s been working on for what feels like the better part of his young life. Warcraft is one of those properties that has fans of every race, sex, age and more. If the movie works, it could be something absolutely incredible. We’ll find out next week in San Diego.

Top Image: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images