Here Are the Teen Titans Dressed as the Powerpuff Girls, Just Like You've Always Wanted

Last night was the highly anticipated Teen Titans versus Powerpuff Girls crossover event/episode on Cartoon Network. It was exactly was weird as you would imagine.

It’s hard to pick out the strangest/funniest thing in the episode “TTG v PPG.” Is it that an important plot device is “Powerpuff Girl Repellent”?


Is it the all the dancing?

Or is it Mojo Jojo’s song “Monkey Army”?


It’s really the constant reminders that the Powerpuff Girls are more competent and mature than then Teen Titans are in Teen Titans Go! Also, Robin’s reaction to hearing the Powerpuff Girls narrator when no one else can. That’s also great.

You can still see the whole thing on Cartoon Network’s website. These 11 minutes actually make up the best superhero versus superhero story of the summer.


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