Here are all the crazy ways Alice kills the undead in Resident Evil's newest zombie snuff film

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The fifth Resident Evil movie, Retribution, is out this fall. As we saw in a WonderCon sneak peek, the years haven't dulled star Milla Jovovich's ability to kick major zombie ass. Alice is coming up with all new ways to destroy the undead.

The sequence takes place in the long, all white corridor seen briefly in one of the trailers. Alice is running down it, wielding a long metal chain and a gun while being pursued by a lone female zombie in a blue dress. She turns and swings the chain into the zombie's face, knocking it down. But the threat is far from over, as about two dozen more zombies chase into the room after Alice. What happens next is a few solid minutes of concentrated, all-out zombie ownage. Here's a by no means exhaustive list of all the various methods of zombie killing:

1. Shoot them square in the head. This happens a lot, as you might expect.
2. Wrap the chain around the zombies' legs and bring them to the ground.
3. When out of ammo, toss the spent magazine into the air and kick it into a zombie's face.
4. Stand over a fallen zombie and break its neck using just one's legs.
5. Do a bicycle kick that I'm pretty sure involved both the chain and the gun, though it all happened so fast I can't swear to it.
6. Climb onto one zombie and use this height advantage to jump over other zombies while hitting them with chain and/or shooting them in the head.


Look, this clip showed us nothing about the movie's story, characters, or, well...anything other than the fact that this movie should be a good delivery system of badass zombie killing. Seriously, this thing packed more hardcore zombie annihilation into three minutes than The Walking Dead manages in entire seasons. So, if you want to see zombies die in awesomely violent, ridiculously stylized ways, look no further.

As for the rest of the panel, director Paul W.S. Anderson said this movie will open with the gigantic battle sequence teased at the end of the last Resident: Evil movie. He said that, after that huge setpiece, the movie heads in an unexpected direction and goes back to before the infestation. This provides the opportunity for return appearances both by characters from previous movies and beloved video game characters who haven't shown up until now. The returning cast members includes Michelle Rodriguez - who one can only hope will now have the unprecedented chance to get killed off twice in an action franchise, which would balance out the fact that she somehow survived Battle: LA - as well as Oded Fehr and Colin Salmon. Anderson also said that he hopes this will be the penultimate entry in the series, building towards a huge finale in Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil: Retribution opens September 14.

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Kip Russell: Has Spacesuit, will babble

I dunno, with Alice's costume veering closer to Underworld's Selena territory, that's a magnet for me...

Also, their middle-of-the-pack budgets are starting (after the first one) to put it all on-screen...the second looked really cheap.

I mustn't be the only one that felt that the first movie was a pretty effective zombie/action movie, though, right?