It’s been exactly one year since India’s Mangalyaan mission (a.k.a MOM, the Mars Orbiter Mission) hit our favorite planetary neighbor—and they’re celebrating with something pretty cool: An offworld atlas.

Top image: Lunae Planum region of Mars during a dust storm / ISRO

The Mars Atlas features a tidy compilation of the data and pictures sent back by MOM over the last year. Here are our favorite highlights of the pictures. You can check out, and download, the whole thing right here.

Image: Mars captured on different dates/ ISRO


Image: the MOM mission flips the camera around to grab a last look at Earth’s Sahara dessert / ISRO

Image: Valles Marineris region of Mars, surrounded by haze / ISRO


Image: Mars’ moon Phobos transits the planet / ISRO

Image: Three volcanoes in Mars’ Western hemisphere / ISRO