Henry Cavill's Floofy Hair (in Enola Holmes) Comes to Netflix Next Month

Enola, making life hell for her brother.
Enola, making life hell for her brother.
Image: Netflix
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Presumably this time he didn’t have to roll around in the mud on Netflix’s behalf.

After a few months of teasing, Netflix has dropped the first little snippet of footage from Enola Holmes, starring (and produced by) Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown. Brown plays the titular Enola, the younger sister of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes (played here by Henry Cavill, sporting a set of locks that almost feels like a Benedict Cumberbatch riff), as she sets off in defiance of her family and society’s wants for her to investigate the disappearance of her mother (Helena Bonham Carter).


It completes a strange journey—at one point, Holmes, an adaptation of Nancy Springer’s Holmesian mystery series that created Enola wholecloth, was meant to be a theatrical release. Legendary produced the film, directed by Harry Bradbeer, but it was sold to Netflix in April this year, just as, well, y’know. The state of the world and whatnot.

All that aside, this brief glimpse doesn’t really do much more than show us a little bit of Brown’s precocious Holmes sister in action, much to the chagrin of her older brother. But, in its own suitably playful style, the accompany tweet’s simple puzzle does have a more interesting reveal: Enola Holmes will hit Netflix on September 23.


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