Henchmen Movie Shows The Literary Side Of Minioning

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What do minions for the world's most dangerous supervillains do when they're not punching heroes at their masters' bidding? According to a just-announced new movie, they form a book club. Admit it: you're surprised.


DM Productions have just announced plans to adapt Danny King's upcoming novel The Henchmen's Book Club for the big screen. The book centers around, unsurprisingly enough, a book club populated by off-duty supervillain henchmen seeking to better themselves through literature and gain some new friends while doing so. We admit it, we're skeptical; the premise sounds fun, but we've seen the "henchmen are people too" thing before in The Venture Bros and Adam Beechen's awesome graphic novel Hench.

Nothing about production date, director or stars has been announced yet.

Flickr image by Tofu Guns.

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Hmmm who are more ineffectual: the monarchs henchmen or storm troopers?

Have to say storm troopers. When the monarch's guys got the drop on Brock they did actually beat him. Plus they have a Stanza.