Marvel's Hellish Helstrom Comic-Con Trailer Is Light on Hell, Comic-Cons

Welcome to the family, hell-kiddos.
Welcome to the family, hell-kiddos.
Image: Hulu
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Let’s be honest: our first look at Hulu and Marvel’s Helstrom did not inspire...the greatest confidence. And now we’ve been given a look at in motion, and we can once again confirm: this does indeed look like a television show that exists.


Helstrom is pretty much the only Hulu x Marvel show left standing after Runaways came to an end, and then the announced Ghost Rider spinoff with Gabriel Luna and two of the three Marvel animated shows in the works were canceled. So you would hope our first look at Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon in action as the titular Helstroms—Daimon and Ana, the son and daughter of Marvel Comics’ very own Satan—would be able to give us a bit of a spark to show just why this was the show that was left standing among the ashes of a pre-Disney+ Marvel TV.

One would hope.

Instead, we get a lot of vague teasing about the hellish forces Daimon and Ana will have to try and keep the world safe from, and not much in the way that would actually show you why you should care. Or that this even has connections to the Marvel universe.

Helstrom will arrive on Hulu October 16.

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