io9 reader Richard Turner was on a walk in southeast Stockholm when he and his friend made a startling discovery on the side of the road — a small mass of what appeared to be organic matter, roughly the size of a tennis ball and crawling with tentacle-like projections.

"It wasn't attached to the ground or anything," explained Turner in an email to io9, "[it was] just lying there in the grass. I've shown the picture to a bunch of people and nobody has any idea what it is."


Turner described the mass as unusually soft, almost like jello, a characteristic he deduced by poking at it with a pen. Even though it didn't appear to be alive, Turner said he "didn't want to touch it or bring it home, since I just saw Prometheus, and know better than to get my face close to it."

Turner says he's done some really awkward web searchers in search of answers, including "Chtulu baby" and "mutated worms," but to no avail. We've done a little digging, too, and thus far have come up empty handed. So we're asking you, dear readers, to help us find the answer. Is this thing an animal, expired (my first thought, upon seeing this thing, was that it was a baby Marlboro from Final Fantasy)? Is it a plant — some weird root, perhaps?

Or is it not an organism at all? Is this just a case of a misidentified, deflated rubber dog toy? The mind reels! We're open to your speculations, so let's hear them! Below is a Google Maps pin indicating where the mystery blob was first spotted, along with a screen shot from a video, shot by Turner, that shows it beside a pen for scale.


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