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Help Support The Launchpad Astronomy Workshop!

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A couple of years ago, I got to attend a really magnificent writer’s workshop: the Launchpad Astronomy Workshop, held each year in Wyoming. One of its supporters has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support the program.


Doug Farren is an author and long-time attendee, and he’s launched an IndieGoGo campaign to keep the program running. As a disclaimer, I attended the program a couple of years ago.

Launchpad was founded by Mike Brotherton, a science fiction author and astronomer, and is designed to give science fiction authors a leg up when it comes to understanding the science that they’re using. Too often, science is misused in books, television and films, something that Neil deGrasse Tyson is fond of pointing out. The workshop is an intensive, five day series of classes that covers a considerable amount of information.


Farren’s campaign can be found here, and he’s looking to raise $5000, which will help offset transportation, room and board costs for the 2016 workshop.

Image credit: Andrew Liptak

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Star Wars fan 22

Stupid questions alert.....

Does it matter to you if an author attends this workshop? Will you find the author more credible?

Can you think of a book or specific author who attended and didn’t “use” the science correctly?

Does Neal deGrasse Tyson ever get “it” wrong? Does he Mr. Tyson ever just not get that the author is writing fiction? Does he ever do more harm than good with his criticism?