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Do you like fresh, free speculative fiction delivered to you every week online, packaged nicely with reviews and art? Then you should definitely check out the webzine Strange Horizons, which has been publishing cool SF and fantasy writing online since the dark year 2000. Over the years, they've published everyone from Elizabeth Bear and Gavin Grant, to Tim Pratt and Jay Lake. They're also an arts nonprofit, and this month they're trying to raise $6,000 bucks to help pay writers and run the zine. Find out more below.

Says Strange Horizons staffer Kate Cowan:

1. Strange Horizons publishes short fiction, poetry, reviews and articles of interest to the speculative fiction community each week on Monday. Once each month we also publish an art gallery spotlighting a different speculative artist.

2. All of our 40+ staff members are volunteers. All the money from the funddrive goes to operating costs of the website, and so that we can pay our contributors professional rates. Yes, that's right. We pay for stories and art for a free web magazine. Pretty awesome!

3. We have some seriously cool book packages and other prizes this year. Everyone who donates will be entered into a prize drawing at the end of the drive.


You can donate to Strange Horizons here. They only need $3,000 more, and every teeny bit helps.

Image by Jeremy Tolbert.

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Hope they can survive. I have been following their shorts and gallery pieces for a few years now. One of their editors, Susan Groppi had a budding little podcast interviewing some great authors and even a puppeteer, for a short while - discontinued? A number of other SF podcasts have been able to garner revenue from submitted/donated audio shorts - a possible revenue source? Maybe because Strange Horizons is a web page/zine rather than a blog or some other thing that is interactive or subscription based... who knows? good luck to them... I'll try to help out if i can...