When you go to see Star Trek Into Darkness in May, you'll be watching a lot of trailers for action movies and summer tentpoles. But what if you could be watching a video that shows the dream that launched Star Trek is still alive today?


NASA released this video, called "We Are the Explorers," last year. Narrated by Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, it explains how NASA is still at the forefront of space exploration, even in the post-space shuttle era. And it fills you with hope for our future as a spacefaring species. Now the Aerospace Industries Association is trying to raise $33,000 to have a 30-second edit of this video shown in 50 theaters before STID. They're almost at their goal already, but let's make sure they get more than enough money — and then maybe they can run a longer version in more theaters. [Indie Gogo via The Escapist]

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