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Now you too can be Bruce Willis in Armageddon (Harry Stamper…the character's name was Harry Stamper…) without the worry of dying in space. NASA, in cooperation with Planetary Resources, has created a new app allowing the nearsighted or maybe even the asthmatic to protect the Earth from threatening asteroids.


The app, called the Asteroid Data Hunter, which launched on the 17th and concludes in August, offers up to $35,000 in rewards for those able to find something cosmically deadly – with even more cash available to those able to improve the program's algorithm. Winning solutions must minimize false positives, increase detection sensitivity, and run on all computer systems (meaning Linux, I imagine). So, download the app now and prevent another Chixculub impact—then line your pockets with the spoils for some…chicks-in-the-club attract. That works, right?


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