Help! My Nervous System Has Been Remapped!

Neuroscientists announced yesterday that they can do something extremely creepy with your nervous system. Using delicate surgery, they can make you feel your hands in your chest. That's right — they move your nerves around so that when somebody touches your chest, it feels like they are touching your hand. There are real applications for this, such as allowing amputees to remap sensation to their artificial limbs, but all I could think about were the fucked up applications like torture and mind control.

Before this neuro-remapping technique gets into the wrong hands, scifi creators need to write some stories that warn us about the dangers. Let's see a movie or book about how torturers are using nerve-remapping to re-route all nerve sensation to one area, which they then shock and beat mercilessly. Or maybe they would just map their victim's legs to their arms and vice-versa, essentially making them unable to control their limbs properly and crippling them with fear?


This nerve-remapping could also be rewarding in the scariest possible way. You could reroute the nerves responsible to orgasm into somebody's trigger finger, so that every time they fired a gun they would get a burst of pleasure. Sort of like the mind-controlling Tasp weapon that Larry Niven invented for Ringworld. In that book, a group of aliens use the pleasure-inducing Tasp to condition everyone around them to enjoy obeying their orders.

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