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Friendly literary promoter guy Matt Staggs writes in to ask for help on behalf of his friend Michael Moorcock, author of about twenty million amazing multiverse novels (including the popular Elric saga) and occasional lyricist for Blue Oyster Cult. Moorcock is ailing and needs some geeky help finding an unusual kind of PC keyboard that could make writing easier. Staggs writes:

Michael Moorcock is ailing a bit and he needs help. He'd be able to get a lot more writing done right now if he had a wireless keyboard with large keys that he could use with his PC. He's been looking around and apparently there are no BIG KEYS keyboards that are wireless. Could that be true? And if it is, could some helpful fan out there build one for him? Surely there's someone out there who loves Mike's work and would like to help him. Anyone interested can write to Mike Moorcock care of Jay Babcock at Arthur Magazine — jay at arthurmag dot com.

If you can help, please write so we can have Moorcock writing at full-throttle again.

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His name is Moorcock!! Teeheehee