Help Me Become An Andromeda Fan!

So I admit it — I know very little about Andromeda, the Gene Roddenberry-inspired series that featured Kevin Sorbo in a tight uniform. I've seen a couple of episodes, years ago, and read bits and pieces here and there. But lately, I've gotten more curious — the show's writing staff includes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Robert Hewitt Wolfe, plus Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who went on to work on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe. Plus the baddies are Nietzschean ubermenschen? So I'm determined to delve into Andromeda lore and become more of an expert.

Help me out please! Which episodes should I watch first? Which episodes are absolutely skippable? What do I need to know before plunging into the Andromeda-verse?


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They fired Robert Hewitt Wolfe after, what, the first season? Yes, Tribune Entertainment, that bastion of quality programming, actually fired him after he demurred on their story suggestions.

After that, the show became... pretty bad. As in Earth: Final Conflict bad (yes, another great program from Tribune).

Poor Gene.