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Electric Velocipede, the Hugo Award-winning science fiction magazine, has gone online, so you can read all of its amazing stories for free. And now, editor/publisher John Klima is asking for some support, so the magazine can keep publishing for one more year and bringing you stories by such authors as Ken Liu and Aliette de Bodard.


From the Kickstarter page:

If you want to read stories that are a little different, or find exciting new voices in the field, Electric Velocipede is your place to do it. The magazine is a Hugo-Award winner and has received multiple World Fantasy Award nominations.

Awards not your thing? Stories from the magazine have consistently found their way into year's best anthology honorable mention lists with many of them actually getting reprinted.

That doesn't do it for you either? Electric Velocipede is a place where new and emerging writers appear with regularity. Among the writers who published early work with EV include Catherynne M. Valente, Hal Duncan, Aliette de Bodard, Rachel Swirsky, Shira Lipkin, and many more.

And it's not just new writers, established writers have also graced Electric Velocipede's pages. Jeffrey Ford, Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams, Jay Lake, Alex Irvine, Marly Youmans, Chris Roberson, Genevieve Valentine, and Ken Liu have all been here, what are you waiting for?

Lend some support and we'll keep this thing going!

They're already halfway to their goal — this is definitely a cause worth supporting. And if you pledge $50, you can get one of their quite lovely T-shirts. (Disclaimer: Klima gave me one of those T-shirts at a convention a few years ago, when he was giving them out to a bunch of people.)

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