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It's not every day that you can raise awareness of the Cylon threat and help the victims of a terrible natural disaster. The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan has added some sweet BSG and Dollhouse schwag to her Haiti charity auction.

Besides a pair of BSG propaganda posters (including the one you see above) Ryan is also auctioning off a set of BSG DVDs signed by the show's producers and cast. And a limited-edition "Last Supper" print. There's also a "Joss Whedon" pack including a couple of books and a really nice Dollhouse Active-wear T-shirt that will probably be worth real money in ten years. (Those Dollhouse T-shirts went out with the DVD screeners for this year's season premiere, and are a pretty limited run I think.) And if you jump on it in the next few minutes, you can also snatch up the complete run of the British Life On Mars on DVD. It's all at Ryan's Haiti charity fundraiser auction on eBay.


Or if you donate $25 or more through this page will get an amazing Dharma Beer Station pin. Which is a pretty neat inducement to do the right thing. [Chicago Tribune]

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