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Help Get the Webcomic Chief O'Brien at Work Out of Cyberspace and Into a Book

Illustration for article titled Help Get the Webcomic iChief OBrien at Work/i Out of Cyberspace and Into a Book

We’ve written about Chief O’Brien at Work, the webcomic about the true misery suffered by Miles O’Brien during his days on the Enterprise, before. But now you can support it on Kickstarter and allow him to move from digital to physical form, even if he still never gets to leave the transporter room.


Chief O’Brien at Work is the brainchild of cartoonist Jon Adams, who uses parody to capture the extreme nature of O’Brien’s boredom and loneliness as he waits for someone to need transporting,

Here’s the hilarious video that accompanies the Kickstarter campaign:


There are 21 days left for you to secure yourself a copy of the book and brand new “adventures” of Chief O’Brien. Poor guy.

H/t Lauren Davis!

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This comic always reminds me of the early Charlie Brown comics that are just him dealing with constant failure and depression, before they let him have any sort of victories.

Very funny, but I tend to get sad for that blockhead Chief O’brien >.<