Help Build Ozymandias' Empire, In Watchmen

You can help to flesh out the dark alternate 1985 in next year's Watchmen movie, by becoming the ad agency for psychotic ex-superhero Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias. Director Zack Snyder says he realized there were a lot of TV screens in the background during the film, which needed to be filled with images. So he's launching a contest for you to create your own ads for Veidt Enterprises' products, including perfumes, shoes and air travel. (He provides logos and animated product images, plus a couple of sample ads like the one above.) But Watchmen isn't the first dark scifi movie to have a contest for user-generated video.

Last year, dystopian future movie Babylon A.D. held a contest on MySpace to generate user video to appear on video screens in the background of some of the film's scenes:

[Director] Mathieu [Kassovitz]'s goal is to enhance the authenticity of this film by adding futuristic and innovative ads and fake news footage. We will integrate them, throughout the film on various screens : futuristic TVs, personal tablets, vehicles and especially on a huge scale, on the sides of New York buildings. That is why he thought he should launch this contest to give a chance to anyone who wishes to show their vision of the future.

A surprisingly long list of people "won" the contest, which means Vin Diesel will be scowling his way past loads of weird video made by tweens using FinalCutPro. Which is sort of awesome, actually. Also, I think Diary Of The Dead had a similar contest recently. [Watchmen YouTube contest, thanks to Michael]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Illuminatus: I'm cautiously optimistic, actually. His last movie 300 was cheesy but did a great job of translating the graphic novel very closely to the screen. So that bodes well for Watchmen, I think.