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Hellraiser, Which Already Has a Movie Reboot in the Works, Now Has a TV Series on the Table Too

Pinhead as he looked on the first Hellraiser poster, as portrayed by horror icon Doug Bradley.
Pinhead as he looked on the first Hellraiser poster, as portrayed by horror icon Doug Bradley.
Image: Skybound

Hellraiser is having a renaissance. In the grand tradition of Child’s Play, not only is the long-running horror franchise possibly getting a movie reboot, it’s also now being considered for a new TV series.


And also much like the dueling Chucky projects, Hellraiser the new movie (which has David S. Goyer aboard as writer and producer, and is controlled by the company that owns the property’s movie rights) and Hellraiser the proposed TV show will be crafted by different teams. Deadline reports that the series is a collaboration between the producers who own the franchise’s TV rights and producers Roy Lee (It) and Dan Farah (Ready Player One).


Hollywood is a complicated place, no? Deadline also notes that the TV series will “use the mythology established in the movie franchise and the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart as a launch pad for a new series that could be anthology, or a more traditional narrative. The producers are underway with a search for a writer-showrunner, before setting it at a network or streamer, at a time when horror is performing strongly.”

Of course, there’s no telling if either the movie or the TV show actually get made—or which format would better suit Barker’s extremely dark and violent tale; a streaming service might actually be the best fit, all things considered. But if both teams are successful, there could be a lot more creepy puzzle boxes, sadomasochistic alternate dimensions, and Pinhead acolytes in our horror-loving futures.

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I believe in my opinion a Hellraiser show or reboot would be one of the more complicated things to accomplish. Clive Barker always stated that the first Hellraiser wasn’t about the Cenobites, they just happen to steal the show and studios wanted to milk that cash cow. Now although the idea of Hellraiser movies where the cenobites take center stage does have many storylines and ideas for potential success, the results were gradual in its disappointments.

To reboot Hellraiser as a movie, I hope they try to focus in just telling a good scary story involving the darkest perverse aspects human nature going even beyond life and death and not try to focus it simply as a shock and gore film. There’s nothing wrong with shock and gore, but there needs to be a balance.

As for a possible TV show. It might work better if it was done in the same vein as Black Mirror. There are many ways to tell a story set in that kind of world where the Cenobites are present, but they’re not the main antagonists. They’re simply a reaction to how far human depravity will go. Hellraiser Inferno would actually make a wonderful episode. The cenobites were there, but they weren’t the main focus of the story. They had no stakes, they simply were doing what came natural to them. Doug Bradley even stated he actually enjoyed that movie more compared to Hellraiser 3 and 4 because he never liked how Pinhead was changed into a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.

The danger whether it’s a show or movie is that people turn in a story for a horror movie or show that would never get made and then they shoehorn in Hellraiser. Which is what I thought of Deader, Hellworld, and Judgment. There’s potential as a show there. In many forms and time periods even. Stories of people wanting to go to Hell, stories of people trying to escape Hell just to name a couple. It’s very complex. It can be a high risk high reward situation. The rewards are obvious. But there are so many more ways than not for it all to end in disappointment or just be a forgettable “meh”.