Hellboy Investigates A Haunted Pub With a Fantastic Name In This Exclusive Preview

I mean, let’s be honest: giant red crimefighting demon or not, wouldn’t you want a pint at a place called “Rawhead & Bloody Bones?” Well, as you’ll find out in this exclusive preview of Hellboy and the BPRD: 1953... not many people would.

Following on from last month’s opening duology, Hellboy and the BRPD: 1953 returns with another double dose of English horror with two new stories from Mike Mignola, Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart. “Rawhead & Bloody Bones”, the first story in the issue, sees Hellboy and his associates head to Yorkshire to find out more about a pair of sinister killers who have begun to stalk the moors–and their self-named pub–from beyond the grave. I imagine Hellboy probably won’t have time for a drink or two.


Without further ado, you can check out the first three pages of the story below, exclusively on io9!


Somehow I don’t think getting rid of the sign is going to stop these two creepy killers! You can find out more when Hellboy and the BRPD: 1953 - The Witch Tree and Rawhead & Bloody Bones hits comic shelves tomorrow, November 25th.

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