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Hell Yeah, The Expanse Season 4 Finally Has a Trailer and a Release Date!

The Roci crew arriving on Ilus.
The Roci crew arriving on Ilus.
Image: Amazon
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Gather ’round, Belters, Earthers, and Martians—we haven’t gotten many morsels from The Expanse’s much-anticipated fourth season, which will be the beloved space opera’s first at Amazon, unless that minute-long tease back in October counts. But the drought is over, and we now have an awesome new teaser trailer to show us what lies ahead for the Roci and her crew.


We also know when season four is hitting Amazon Prime Video: December 13!

Here’s the teaser, which features a glimpse of the villainous new character played by Burn Gorman:

Annnnnd, to quote Alex, holy shit, there’s more: a very lovely clip showing the Roci landing on Ilus, the new planet we’ll be seeing a lot of once the show returns.

We’ll have more on The Expanse, including a full panel report, very soon.


The Expanse season four premieres on Amazon Prime Video starting December 13.

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I.. . have no words. But bloody hell you can FEEL the upped budget and production values.

Imagine - we almost LOST this show.