Luke Chueh is best known for his bizarre and often bloody paintings of otherwise adorable bears and bunny rabbits. In his latest series, he reinterprets Dante's Inferno, casting his cute critters as the eternally damned.

Chueh's Inferno series, as well as some of his other paintings, are currently on display at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, where he's also selling a limited edition sketchbook explaining the concepts behind each painting.

[Luke Chueh's Inferno via mashKULTURE]


Ring 1: Judgment

Ring 2: The Fornicators


Ring 3: The Gluttonous

Ring 4: The Hoarders


Ring 5: The Wrathful

Ring 6: The Heretics


Ring 7, Inner: The River of Blood

Ring 7, Middle: The Forest of Suicides


Ring 7, Inner: The Desert of Fire

Ring Eight, Bolgia Nine: The Sowers of Discord


Ring 9: The Traitorous