Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill Star in a Short Film About a Sentient Cell Phone

Sam Neill at the 74th Venice Film Festival.
Sam Neill at the 74th Venice Film Festival.
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto (Getty Images)

One thing that global isolation has been good for (other than not getting sick) is the wave of lo-fi homemade short films from the sort of people who would normally be starring in, y’know, big expensive movies instead of making silly movies for Twitter.

This untitled short, created by Sam Neill and posted on his Twitter account, is one such silly social media movie. Starring Neill and fellow locked-down famous person Helena Bonham Carter, it’s a story about technology come to life, isolation, and our overreliance on the internet.


Okay, to be fair, it’s mostly a movie about how Sam Neill would react if his cell phone suddenly transformed into Helena Bonham Carter. But that’s also a compelling genre premise, in its own way. That would be alarming, and strange, but also delightful.

The moral of the story: charge your cell phone. Nobody likes to see you posting screenshots with 8% battery life yet. Just plug it in. If it ever comes to life, it’ll thank you.

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I don’t remember seeing Sam Neil in anything but Jurassic Park movies. Hearing him in this confused me because I thought he was American.