We love these gorgeous old gasoline ads from the era when cars were cutting edge and building a lot of suburban developments connected by vast highways seemed like a super futuristic move. Ah, the early days of the automobile never looked sunnier.

No extra price – the new and better Texaco gasoline, c. 1920

Shell Gasoline, c. 1920

Shell Motor Oil and Gasoline, 1920s

Associated Ethyl Gasoline, 1920

Power on the instant – from the volatile gas, Texaco, 1923

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Richfield, the Gasoline of Power, mid-1920s

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Shell – for the utmost horse power, 1926, Artist: Jean D'Ylen

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On Every Highway

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Shell Motor Oil and Petrol, 1927

Red Crown, a Natural Anti-Knock Gasoline

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For Quick-Starting, 1930

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Texaco-Ethyl gasoline, 1931

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BP Ethyl posters from the early 1930s

Artist: Paolo Frederico Garretto, c. 1930

Artist: Edward McKnight Kauffer,1933

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Try stepped-up 1940 Fire-Chief today, 1940

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A Tydol gasoline ad on a matchbook

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Three of a Kind for Power!, 1941

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Fuel of the future today, Shell, 1941

New Solutized Shell is the finer fuel for '41, Shell, 1941

Four times as powerful as 100-octane gasoline? Say that again!, 1944

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The Best Gasoline is Still Fighting, 1945

88 and 98 gasoline, British American Oil, early 1950s

Advertising posters of Ethyl Corp., early 1950s

Chevron ads from the 1950s

Beat Summer Heat! Get a tank-full today!, Gulf, 1951

Packs Punch!, Texaco, 1951

The new Gulf Crest gasoline, 1955

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Great New Source of Power for your car, Texaco, 1956

Holiday motoring costs less on the multi-bonus benzol blends, 1957

For higher smile age, National Benzole, 1957

New Gulf Crest gasoline, 1958

Dry gasolines from Sunoco, 1961

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Caltex serves you better, 1962 and 1966 (the last one)

Put a Tiger In Your Tank, by Esso, 1964-1968

This is not an ordinary Shell station, 1965

Get out of town – fast, Regent, 1966


The posters above are from Digital Poster Collection, except when noted otherwise.