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Heartwarming video: robotic claw saves trapped swordfish

In this clip, a robotic submersible saves a swordfish that's been stuck in a mechanical rig. Upon being rescued, the swordfish turns right around and jams his head back in the rig. Wotta rapscallion! UPDATE: Now with footage of whales!


UPDATE 6/29/10: I just found these awesome clips of whales bumping into remote-controlled submersibles and decided they were too nifty not to post. Enjoy!

According to the Youtube descriptions, here's a whale off of Norway (things get wild ~0:45)...

...and a whale near Mississippi around 3000 feet.

[Swordfish video via The Scuttlefish]

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Meanwhile, at the surface, the remote operators were arguing over whether to use the fish-liberator claw tool or replace it with the fillet knife.

Seriously, this claw seems to have a major design flaw. With the exception of wrist rotation and grabbing, you have to move the whole stinkin' robot to to move the arm. The designers should have tried using their arms locked at full extension straight forward for an entire day. And try to grab a fish.