Illustration for article titled Heartless Trailer Asks You To Make A Deal With The Devil

Jim Sturgess, the poppy singer from Across The Universe, is ready to sell his soul to the Devil to rid himself of his scars. But nobody told him that means signing up for Lucifer's demon army of British street thugs.

Here's the synopsis, which sounds a bit different from the story the trailer presents:

When his [Jamie's] mother is viciously murdered, the media reports it's by a man in a hoodie wearing a devil mask. But Jamie soon realizes the thugs aren't wearing disguises at all; they really are demons and hell on earth is beginning to plague the capital city. Yet all is not what it seems in enfant terrible Ridley's unique horror fantasy landscape ingeniously informed by the current climate of fear running through every strata of modern society.


From the stills we've seen, the little flick looks pretty sharp — let's hope the plot is as well.


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