Hear the garage-band bootlegs of Tom Waits and William Burroughs' Black Rider

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The devil offers you a gun full of magic bullets. The only catch? One of those bullets will betray you. That's the premise of The Black Rider by Tom Waits, William Burroughs and Robert Wilson. Someone's posted the garage-band bootleg.


Here's how From This Swamp, the Lovecraftian and Dystopian Music blog, describes the Black Rider bootleg:

Primitive garage recordings of the Waits/Burroughs/Wilson collaboration The Black Rider, even creakier and stranger than the final LP released the same year. This bootleg was quickly suppressed at the time but thanks to the magic of the internet it resurfaces to air out its stinky blow-holes in the sweltering sun. A morbid carnival of tuneless horns, hard drugs, and stomping armies of dwarves.


How can you resist? [From This Swamp]

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Tom Waits is amazing.

I just wish his musicals would get produced. Particularly Alice.